Tax Planning


Tax Planning is the gear focused on minimizing federal and state tax liabilities compliant with tax laws. Our on-staff CPA, Chartered Financial Analyst, and Financial Planner Professionals™ can manage portfolio decisions on a real-time basis. APS incorporates all other components of your wealth management plan used to develop your customized portfolio and identifies opportunities for wealth accumulation, preservation, and tax avoidance.

Taxes are often only considered during tax filing season, which is usually too late to act on opportunities that can minimize your tax burden. APS can proactively determine the tax impacts of investment decisions focusing on tax minimization. For retirees, APS can provide guidance on tax efficient sources of cash flow. We can also seamlessly coordinate with other professionals to reconcile your tax planning strategies with your overall investment and personal wealth planning goals.


  • Integrated, Pro-Active Tax Consequence Review Prior to Portfolio Transactions
  • Year-End Tax Planning to Identify Opportunities for Tax Efficiency
  • Tax Preparation Services

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