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Investment Planning is the gear focused on growing and preserving your financial assets independent of your income. Our on-staff Chartered Financial Analyst and Financial Planner Professionals™ will directly manage and monitor your assets on a continual basis. APS incorporates all other components of your wealth management plan used to develop your unique portfolio and identifies opportunities for wealth accumulation, preservation and tax minimization.

Market cycles play out against a backdrop of economic, social and political change and many investors become tempted to react to every turn of events. Markets are unpredictable. Attempting to predict opportune investment times requires that investors make two important decisions precisely right: when to get out and when to get back in. APS believes that building an investment strategy aligned to an appropriate risk profile provides a solid platform for investors to achieve their goals and expectations.

APS utilizes an integrated investment management philosophy that aims to deliver solid risk-adjusted returns through risk mitigation, cost minimization and a disciplined, long-term approach. By integrating all aspects of your wealth management planning, we design investment solutions geared to meet client objectives.  Our investment process includes:

  • Customized portfolios and Investment Policy Statements for each client
  • Holistic asset allocation incorporating both investment and non-investment assets for a complete view of your financial holdings
  • Active portfolio monitoring and quarterly reviews
  • Integrated decision making for tax harvesting, estate planning and financial planning opportunities
  • Emphasis on risk-appropriate investment solutions for each client’s unique circumstances
  • Focus on low-cost investment solutions and low transaction costs
  • Provide discretionary (including retirement accounts) and non-discretionary (including employee stock options) investment management advice and trading
  • Custodian agnostic – we will not force you to rollover or move assets
  • Independent advice – we’re not tied to a broker-dealer, allowing for a nimble approach to investment selection and management

Our Investment Planning Clients will be enrolled into one of four programs:

The PARTNERS Program is a broad, multi-disciplinary wealth management service available to those clients who have received the The Financial MRI™. Using the results of your Financial MRI, investment recommendations are defined in terms of potential impact on your income tax and estate planning, as well as cash flow planning, liquidity requirements and risk management needs. For this level of integrated planning to work effectively, all assets must be tracked by APS.
The ASSOCIATES Program is an investment advisory service designed to give ongoing analysis and investment recommendations similar to clients enrolled in the PARTNERS program. However, there is no ongoing integration with your tax, estate, and cash flow planning. ASSOCIATES can access integrated financial planning services if desired on an hourly or fee-for-service basis. As with the PARTNERS Program, enrollment presumes that you are in receipt of the The Financial MRI and that all of your assets will be tracked by APS.
The SUNSET Program is available only to long-term clients who have previously been enrolled in either the PARTNERS or ASSOCIATES programs. At our discretion, APS may offer this cost-effective program to clients requiring a limited-scope investment advisory service due to a diminished portfolio value and/or advanced age. The SUNSET Program enables a long-term client to maintain a relationship with APS during this stage. SUNSET clients may continue to access income tax preparation and estate planning services on an hourly fee basis.
The PIMA Program is a limited-scope investment advisory service designed to give ongoing analysis and recommendations for all or a specified portion of investment assets based on completion of the CCQ and Risk Tolerance Questionnaire. PIMA clients do not have access to our other wealth management services and hence, advisory services do not include financial, tax, estate, and cash flow planning integration.


  • The PARTNERS Program
  • The ASSOCIATES Program
  • The SUNSET Program
  • The PIMA Program

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