Financial Planning


Financial Planning is the central gear and core component of our Wealth Management Services. Our staff of Certified Financial Planner Professionals™ will assist you in balancing your resources between current consumption and adequate accumulation using our proprietary Financial MRI™ solution.

The Financial MRI™ was developed to chart a client’s current financial position and forecast the probability of achieving and maintaining financial independence. The Financial MRI includes detailed review and recommendations concerning a client’s current estate planning, investment allocation, income tax, and risk management strategies.

The Financial MRI™ Update is offered to clients on a triennial basis in order to monitor and chart a client’s ongoing financial position and continue to forecast the probability of achieving and maintaining financial independence by updating all of the necessary information related to assets, income, expenses, and any new or adjusted financial goals.

The Financial MRA™ (Merck* Retention Analysis) measures the financial value of a client’s current employment position at Merck* relative to an offer from another company. The MRA computes the present value impact of changes with respect to: salary, stock options, bonuses, pension plans, 401(k) plans and income tax provisions.

Life Planning is a major part of APS’ everyday relationship with clients. We help clients with day-to-day decision making apart from their long-term goals. APS has a history of guiding clients through tough choices during life’s unexpected (and sometimes expected) events. Planning for peace-of-mind is our priority.


  • The Financial MRI™
  • The Financial MRI™ Update
  • The Financial MRA
  • Life Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Charitable Gifting
  • Career Counseling
  • Mortgage/HELOC Advice
  • College/School Advice
  • Marriage/Divorce Financial Counseling
  • Home Purchase/Sale Counseling
  • Special Needs Family Member Planning
  • Elder Care Planning
  • Assisted Living/Retirement Home Planning

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