Estate Planning


Estate planning is the process of bringing your future into the present by creating a snapshot in time. Since most people expect to live until an average mortality age, this exercise can be difficult for many. During the intervening years, particularly those after retirement, your hope is to spend and enjoy your assets, and transfer any surplus to your heirs and charity while living. These are fine objectives and can be expressly satisfied during your projected lifetime with a well-designed financial plan. On the other hand, a well-designed estate plan is reassurance that your distribution objectives will be accomplished in the event of your permanent incapacity or premature death.

A well-designed estate plan assures that your assets will be distributed to whom you want and when you want, with the least amount of estate or inheritance tax. Therefore, estate planning generally includes two components:

  • Distribution planning
  • Estate tax planning

For many clients, estate tax planning is secondary to their distribution planning objectives. The complexity of your distribution plan is dependent on the size of your estate, the number of your heirs, and your desired level of distribution control. The advisory professionals at APS can help you design a distribution plan that is customized to your particular situation. We will then assist you with the implementation of your plan with an estate planning attorney of your choosing.


  • Estate Distribution Modeling: Current and Proposed Documents
  • Strategies: Distribution Control, Asset Protection, Probate Minimization
  • Strategic Coordination with Attorney: Update and Implement
  • Family Education Meetings: Clarify Fiduciary Roles and Responsibilities
  • Triennial Estate Plan Reviews: “Test Drive” Document Provisions
  • Ongoing Monitoring: New Estate Tax Laws and Planning Opportunities
  • Short-Notice Emergency Response: Pre-Mortem Plan Review and Adjustments
  • Post-Mortem Estate Administration: Family Meeting and Transition Paperwork
  • Estate Tax Return: Preparation and/or Coordination

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