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Existing Clients

To expedite your request, please call our office at 215.256.4600 or send an email to

New Clients

Thank you so much for visiting our website to learn about the services we provide. Unfortunately, we are currently not accepting new clients as our schedule is at capacity.

We have an intentionally small number of long-term clients for a firm our size, since the planning we do is significantly customized. Our highest responsibility is to our existing clients, and we are committed to providing a very high level of service to them. We truly wish we could help everyone who contacts us, but to form new relationships would not only be a disservice to them but to you.

However, we would like to provide you with guidance regarding how to locate a financial planner.

Selecting a Financial Planner

Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards:( is hosted by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards. Use this site to find a Certified Financial Planner practioner within a radius of your zip code, or to confirm the certification status of a named financial planner.
The Financial Planning Association: (  Select “Search by Name or Location” to begin your search for a financial planner in your area.

The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors: ( In the “Find an Advisor” tab, you can search for a financial planner in your area.

The Kingdom Advisors: ( You can search online to find a financial professional who shares a biblical perspective on stewardship.

Tips to Consider During Your Search:

  1. Consider a fee-only firm (i.e. firm with several planners for depth and continuity)
  2. Request a copy of their disclosure brochure, known as an ADV. If the firm is fee-only or fee-based, they must have an ADV. The disclosure brochure provides significant detail about how their firm is structured, services offered, fees, etc.
  3. There should be a separate fee for financial planning. It can be a fixed amount or a function of net worth.  In other words, they should not offer “free” plans with the expectation of making money on investment management or sales.
  4. The planner you select should have at least 5 years of experience, and be a CFP.
  5. Arrange an initial no obligation meeting to check on “chemistry”. Ask for references.