Kristen Barker, FPQP

CRM Administrator

Kristen L. Barker is the CRM Administrator at Asset Planning Services, Ltd. Kristen joined Asset Planning Services, Ltd. in 2009 working as a receptionist. Having worked previously as a Registered Paraplanner after receiving her Bachelor’s degree in 1991, Kristen stayed home to raise a family and home-school her children for 12 years.

She renewed her Financial Paraplanner Qualified Professional designation from the College for Financial Planning upon her return to APS. In 2012, Kristen became the Tax Department Assistant and CSR at APS and earned a Certificate in Federal Income Tax from the National Tax Training School. In 2014, she also became a Certified Administrator and began taking on responsibilities in managing and maintaining the CRM System at APS, which allowed her to move into her current position as CRM Administrator.

Along with earning her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Houghton College, and the other areas of study mentioned above, Kristen is currently pursuing her CFP Certification with the College for Financial Planning. She has completed four of the six required courses and expects to sit for the Board Exam in 2019.

Kristen currently resides in Palm, PA with her husband Mike and their three children. Kristen enjoys reading and spending time with her family.