Social Responsibility

Commitment To Social Responsibility

Asset Planning Services is committed to being a socially responsible member of the local community and the world at large.  We believe "it is more blessed to give than receive" (Acts 20:35).  Our firm encourages our employees to be generous via company matching gifts towards charitable purposes and provides extra allowances for employees seeking to perform volunteer services.  In addition, our firm commits approximately 10% of annual profits towards charitable work supported by the firm’s principals, which has resulted in excess of $1 million being donated to charitable organizations since APS’ founding. Our commitment and active participation in charitable activities enhances our ability to provide guidance and perspective to our clients in helping them reach their charitable goals.

It is more blessed to give than receive.Acts 20:35

The use of the charity names below is neither a testimonial nor endorsement of APS, or APS’ wealth management services, by any of the charities listed, or any current or former employee of these charities. Additionally, these charities do not recommend, employ, or contract with APS to provide services to these charities, or any of its employees. The use of the charity names below is strictly for sharing those charities who APS currently supports either as a firm, through our shareholder charity allocations, or through our company match policy. The list below is not comprehensive, and some charities may not be included. These charities do not provide APS with any remuneration to be included on this list.