Rick Visits the Top of the World

Rick and his wife Marge just returned from a 1,000 mile motorcycle road trip in Ecuador.  They are pictured standing in front of the Chimborazo Volcano in the Andes Mountains, the highest mountain peak in the world.  Wait!  Not Mt. Everest?  That’s correct.  Due to the squashed sphere bulge of our planet at the equator, the top of Chimborazo is higher than the top of Everest, when measured from the center of the earth.  Everest is the highest mountain on earth when measured from sea level…29,029’ compared to Chimborazo at 20,564’. 

During their trip in Ecuador, Rick and Marge also took the opportunity to check off another bucket list item: a visit to the Galapagos Islands and some up-close observations of the many unique creatures found there.

As you can see, Rick continues to “play hard” while working hard!